L to R: Fr. Yvan Mathieu (Dean, Faculty of Theology), Fr. John Likozar CC (associate priest, St. Maurice's), Dr. Bloomquist, Rachel Bloomquist, Fr. Tim Devine CC (senior priest, St. Maurice's), Fr. Andrea Spatafora (professor, Faculty of Theology).

Missing from the photo: Fr. Christian Dionne (Vice-Dean, Faculty of Theology), Fr. Terry Donahue (formation director for First Year Applicants, Companions of the Cross), Dr. Graeme Hunter (sponsor for Dr. Bloomquist), Mrs Shirley Nedoborski (sponsor for Rachel)

Joyfully surrounded by the parishioners of St. Maurice's church, friends from St. Peter and Paul's Anglican Church Ottawa, colleagues from Saint Paul University's Faculties of Theology and Canon Law, former students (especially from the Holy Spirit Seminary), supported by the prayers of faithful around the world, and always under the watchful protection of our Lady, St. Maurice, St. George, and "a whole cloud of witnesses".

From 1981-1986, Dr. Bloomquist and his wife served in a variety of Evangelical churches in the Barcelona area of Spain.

In 1987, Dr. Bloomquist was ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada, He served from 1987-2007 as Scholar in Residence and Associate Priest at the parish of Saint Mark the Evangelist (Ottawa, Canada)

From 2007-2015, Dr. Bloomquist was the St. George's Scholar and Associate Priest in the parish of Saint George's, which became the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul, part of the Anglican Network in Canada.

Dr. Greg Bloomquist and Mrs. Rachel Bloomquist are received into full communion with the Catholic Church
Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (May 31, 2015)
St. Maurice's Church (Ottawa)

L. Gregory Bloomquist

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