BA Philosophy and Comparative Literature (Beloit College)

MA Medieval Studies (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies / Centre for Medieval Studies University of Toronto)

Master of Religion (Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto)

ThD New Testament (Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto)

Academic Work

1981-1986: Visiting lecturer at the Institute of Fundamental Theology, San Franciso de Borja (SJ)  and the Centre for Pastoral Studies (Barcelona, Spain)
1987-present: Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON

  • 1987-1990: Assistant Professor
  • 1990-2010: Associate Professor
  • 2010-present: Full Professor


Secretary of the Faculty of Theology

Director, Graduate Studies

Senator, Saint Paul University

Senator, University of Ottawa

Chair, Programmes Committee, Faculty of Theology

Member of the Board, Archaeological Institute of America - Ottawa society

Complete CV (available on request)

In memoriam ...


L. Gregory Bloomquist

sola Dei gratia

Miguel Buisán (left) and John Wyatt (right) were two of the professors who had the most profound influence on me.

For my thanks to Prof. Buisán (Philips Exeter Academy), please read Zev Singer's interview with me "The teacher who tamed the kid who wouldn't behave" on the occasion of my 2004 National Capital Educator's award. See also the In Memoriam page in his honour.
Prof. Wyatt (Beloit College) has had numerous students recall him. For an excellent presentation, please read James Wells, First in the family: "I am a first-generation college graduate, and on my father’s side of the family, the first to earn a high school diploma. My parents divorced when I was 11, and my mother raised five children on an income barely above the poverty threshold—a heroic achievement, but what I thought of as a normal life was not normative in the context of a highly selective private liberal arts college. ... And then I met John Wyatt..."
Great teachers are hard to find. When we find them, we need to treasure them, remember them, and imitate them.

"If we want to understand how much teachers are worth, we should remember how much we were formed by our own schooldays. Good teaching helps make productive and fully realized adults — a result that won’t show up in each semester’s test scores and statistics." ("What I learned at school" by Marie Myung-Ok Lee.)