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My goal is to serve as a resource for those who are committed to the academic excellence of a faith-filled, critical theological reflection in the service of the academy and of the people of God within the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.


ad consummationem sanctorum in opus ministerii in aedificationem corporis Christi  (Eph. 4:12 VUL)


  • BA Philosophy and Comparative Literature (Beloit College)

  • MA Medieval Studies, concentration in Philosophy (University of Toronto and the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies)

  • MRel - concentration New Testament Studies (Wycliffe College in the Toronto School of Theology)

  • ThD New Testament Studies (University of Toronto, the Toronto School of Theology, and Wycliffe College)





  • Research, languages (Akkadian, Sumerian, Hittite, Phoenician, Neo-Punic...)

  • Director, Networked Academic Resarch (NeAR)

  • Co-director for international studies of the Foro di studi avanzati "Gaetano Massa".

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