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L. Gregory Bloomquist

My goal is to serve as a resource for those who are committed to the academic excellence of critical theological reflection in the service of the people of God within one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.


I have taught in the Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) since 1987 and have been Full Professor there since 2009.

From 1981-1986 I was a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Fundamental Theology, San Franciso de Borja (SJ)  and the Centre for Pastoral Studies (Barcelona, Spain).

I received my BA (in Comparative Literature and Philosophy) from Beloit College, my MA (in Medieval Studies) from the University of Toronto, my Master of Religion from Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON, and my ThD (in New Testament studies) from the Toronto School of Theology, Wycliffe College, and the University of Toronto.


Ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada (1987), I was received (along with my wife) into the Catholic Church on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, 2015.


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